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Laminate Flooring Herringbone Shade/Style has been in great demand so we're getting new stock soon. In the meantime have a look at our entire range of Laminate Flooring as there's some great products to choose from

Herringbone Laminate Flooring by Easy Step Flooring - Looks good and feels great!

Herringbone Laminate floors are a classic choice for any home. They look great, and they're easy on the pocket.

The herringbone pattern, typically associated with real wood, is a classic and one of the most popular designs. It offers a very elegant look and will enhance any hallway or living area. Laminate herringbone offers affordability, durability, and a simple maintenance schedule.

With our exquisite Herringbone line, discover the ideal trend-led flooring. It is impossible to undervalue herringbone's appeal. This flooring fad has been around for hundreds of years and is unquestionably here to stay. And it's simple to understand why it has a gorgeous geometric design wherever it's set. Originally used by the affluent in France, parquet is now accessible to everyone thanks to our selection of herringbone laminate flooring.

You can get the distinctive appearance of the herringbone pattern with our best laminate flooring for a fraction of the cost of real wood. These planks have an angled cut that gives them the traditional zigzag appearance, which gives any room a timeless look. 

View the many hues of our herringbone laminate range below:

What is the Herringbone Pattern?

The herringbone pattern is a chevron-like arrangement of blocks that produces a distinctive parquet flooring that gives any space a prestigious and opulent appearance. The pattern's resemblance to the bones of herring fish gives it the name "herringbone." It is known as "Spina Pesci," or the Fish Spine, in other nations like Italy.

Our selection of herringbone flooring is offered in various materials, such as laminate, LVT, and oak wood, so that you can choose between a contemporary appearance and a genuine and classic feel.

Why Herringbone Laminate Flooring?

If you like the herringbone pattern and want a cheaper alternative to solidand engineered wood, go with our herringbone laminate flooring. 

  • Herringbone laminate flooring can be installed anywhere, from kitchen floors to bathrooms, allowing you to create the house of your dreams. 

  • In addition to being extremely useful, our waterproof laminate flooring has a layer of coating that protects against water and scratches. 

  • Herringbone laminates may be easily fitted with a single click, making it simple for all DIY enthusiasts to try it yourself when looking for your next project. 

  • Additionally, we have a fantastic selection of oak laminate flooring

Check out our fashionable selection right away if you adore grey herringbone laminate flooring today.

7 Key Features of our Herringbone Laminate Flooring

  1. Thickness

Boards that are 8 mm thick provide excellent stability and durability. This thickness of laminate can give you additional peace of mind while preserving the ideal appearance for your home by having the capacity to withstand daily use in your home.

  1. Bevel

This laminate has a handmade bevel finish and a premium appearance. Each board's V-grooved edges provide a timeless appearance for any environment.

  1. AC4

For normal traffic and moderate use, AC4 laminate is ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Thanks to this AC rating, you will have more durability and, as a result, a longer life.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

Look no further if you want flooring that is low maintenance and easy to keep clean. This laminate is simple to maintain and will withstand spills and stains with just a quick clean.

  1. Stain Shield

Do you want to guard your flooring against ugly stains? Look no further than this laminate, which offers safety from spills and accidents in those commonplace settings.

  1. Insulation Heating

Homes can heat rooms more efficiently with underfloor heating thanks to this flooring's compatibility with both electric and water-based systems!

  1. Humidity Resistant

This lamination eliminates your worries over wet spots or unintentional spills! You may rest easy knowing that your flooring is protected from any moisture.

Herringbone Laminate Flooring Design Guide

Herringbone Laminate Flooring from Easy Step Flooring will give your room a touch of vintage elegance.

These floorings are sure to impress because they provide all the beauty of this elaborate pattern design without the hassle of carefully placing such tiny pieces. Two lines are made using equal-sized rectangular pieces of wood positioned 90 degrees apart. The components are known as blocks or battens (when used as solid wood 10mm overlay) (when used as 20mm solid wood). Numerous choices exist for this straightforward design, each of which has a distinctive appearance.

However, because there are so many possibilities with rectangles, this design guide will concentrate on rectangle forms. Other shapes that can be employed include parallelograms (Chevron Parquet) and hexagons.

Traditionally, this flooring has a length-to-breadth ratio of five to one. The pattern can be altered so that 5 pieces will always add up to the same length. However, the length is flexible if laid out in a traditional herringbone pattern.

Herringbone Planks Size: Which To Pick?

  • Extra narrow - For a distinctive appearance, use relatively small widths of 45 to 65 mm and longer lengths of 400 to 900 mm.

  • 70 x 350mm - On the smaller side, 350 x 70mm is a common option and suits small and medium-sized rooms well. Since it is more affordable, it is frequently utilised in school halls and other commercial contexts.

  • 90 x 450 mm - This size is traditional and has a more upscale appearance. Suitable for both large and small rooms.

  • 90 x 700mm - Slightly longer, more upscale appearance, and suitable for all room sizes. A desirable size in engineered format since manufacturing costs are lower.

  • Large Size: The following sizes are considered big for herringbone and will produce a more modern appearance: 120 x 600, 135 x 700, or 150 x 700. These sizes are ideal for large and medium-sized rooms.

  • Extra Large: Herringbone planks in an extra-large size, either 180 x 900 or 240 x 720mm. This extra large size gives off a contemporary appearance and fits nicely in big rooms like an open living and kitchen area.

Design Guide

  • Single Herringbone: The battens are often alternated between one left and one right.

  • Diagonal Herringbone: Orienting the first row parallel to a wall is called diagonal herringbone. This distinct and appealing style can be used in both tiny and large areas.

  • Dual Colour: Two-colour herringbone patterns can provide a striking appearance. Use your creativity and pick the colours according to the interior decor of your room.

  • Double herringbone: This pattern calls for alternating two battens at once.

  • Ladder pattern: A single line of battens is placed between each row, with the battens laid out horizontally in a line.

  • Brick Pattern: Battens are arranged in a single row using a brick design.

  • Basket Pattern: The battens for the basket design must have lengths that are multiples of the width, such as 3:1, 4:1, or 5:1. You can hang a basket pattern diagonally or squarely against the wall.

Borders Design Guide with Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Apart from being purely ornamental, parquet borders serve a purpose. You must consider the effects it will have on the other rooms if you are putting in numerous spaces without walls or thresholds. Houses rarely have perfectly parallel rooms or straight walls, so keep that in mind. Without a border, the direction will continue into the following room and might not align with its focal point, or worse, it might be out of line with a wall. A parquet border will provide complete design freedom by allowing you to select a direction and beginning point for each room.

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People Also Ask

How to install herringbone parquet?

It matters which way the pattern is going. To aid in your decision-making, look for a focal point like a fireplace, double doors, a bay window, or the room's shape. Herringbone generally looks well along the length of the room. However, pointing in that direction might be effective if you have a garden outside of large patio doors.

How to begin installing parquet floors?

You must choose where to begin your design. A focal point, such as the middle of a bay window or a fireplace, should be in the centre of your first row. It may be best to centre in the middle of a room to avoid leaving little pieces on the side of the room. Take into account the effect the beginning point will have on other regions of the space. You must consider the effects it will have on the other rooms if you are putting in numerous spaces without walls or thresholds. Houses rarely have perfectly parallel rooms or straight walls, so keep that in mind.

Is there any difference between herringbone and chevron flooring?

The chevron pattern, which puts a contemporary spin on a traditional European design, is equally as popular as the herringbone pattern. With Chevron flooring, you can count on having a classic appearance and feel. Herringbone lace, which gets its name from being carved at a 90-degree angle like fish bones, is the main distinction between the two, unlike the Chevron design, which produces a 45-degree zigzag pattern. Nevertheless, both enduring designs will stand out when laid.

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